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30 hours Sat, Aug 31 07:00 AM
Kg Orang Asli Gurney, Batang Kali

Merdeka Epic Homes Build 2019

Medeka Epic Homes Build 2019

21 / 40 by EPIC
6 hours Sun, Aug 18 07:45 AM
The Compass, Petaling Jaya

PF#11 - Pathfinders @ Kampung Orang Asli Songkok - Community Mapping

A morning meeting with villagers to gather data and co-create solutions

1 / 21 by EPIC
2.5 hours Sat, Aug 17 09:30 AM
The Compass, Petaling Jaya

Pathfinders Workshop - 17th August 2019

Learn how to engage with communities!

1 / 20 by EPIC
30 hours Sat, Aug 10 07:00 AM
Kg Orang Asli Gurney, Batang Kali

OBC Epic Homes Build

OBC Epic Homes Build

28 / 42 by EPIC
30 hours Sat, Aug 10 07:00 AM
Kg Orang Asli Gurney, Batang Kali

SUN Epic Homes Build

SUN Epic Homes Build

35 / 42 by EPIC
6 hours Sun, Jul 21 07:45 AM
UCSI University, Kuala Lumpur

PF#10 - UCSI SEP x Pathfinders Follow Up @ Kampung Sungai Kelubi

A morning meeting with villagers to gather data and co-create solutions



Reviews from mission participants (45)

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  • It's a great mission and I love to see more of this in the future where the PJrians could be more proactive on what they want in their environment/neighbourhood/workplace. MBPJ should also make an effort to make sure the PJrians are heard and work together as a community to make PJ a better place.

    On mission 'Community Engagement with PJKITA'  ·  August 2017

  • Amazing experience for those who registered! We got to mingle and interact with the community in PJ and find out what their thoughts were.

    Registration on the mission page was very user-friendly and informative! Looking forward to joining more missions! Woohoo!

    On mission 'Community Engagement with PJKITA'  ·  August 2017

  • I think this is a great effort to kickstart this democratic way of development! Kudos to MBPJ to have this initiative. Public response was good where you can see some of them very eager to share their thoughts and have a positive outlook to this. Some people are still quite new to this idea but able to spark some curiosity in people. Can't wait to see more of these opportunities in future and come to fruition

    On mission 'Community Engagement with PJKITA'  ·  August 2017

  • I had such a great time at the #PJKITA event! I had the opportunity to learn how to put on a thick skin and bravely engage strangers to gather ideas and feedback for their beloved community. And in that process, I made many new awesome friends while being able to do my bit for a social change.

    On mission 'Community Engagement with PJKITA'  ·  August 2017

  • It was really hectic but great to see the PJ community involved in giving feedback for their own neighborhood! I was very pleasantly surprised to have met individuals who are motivated and dedicated to their own environment and were most eager to contribute.

    On mission 'Community Engagement with PJKITA'  ·  August 2017

  • Overall, this was a good engagement session with PJrians communities. Its my first time involving in such community engagement. Some of the people are curious with this type of engagement. Nevertheless, they are willing to share their ideas on how to improve the PJ communities. Hopefully, the relevant stakeholders would be able to take necessary actions to help mitigate issues and also improve PJ for better.

    On mission 'Community Engagement with PJKITA'  ·  August 2017

  • PJKita provided us a great opportunity to understand the concerns and needs of the PJ-ians. It's exciting to see what sort of change they're looking forward to in their physical environment, and its often what we may overlook. I would love to see more of these public engagements to help build a community-inclusive city. Overall, great job!

    On mission 'Community Engagement with PJKITA'  ·  August 2017

  • This Mission was AMAZING! I had so much fun building as well as connecting with the community of Kampung Hulu Tamu. Would definitely share my experience with friends and recommend them to join!

    On mission 'EPIC's 100th Build!'  ·  August 2017

  • ST

    This is definitely one of the highlight in my life! It was great to know and work with all the awesome people during this build. Good job guyss!

    On mission 'EPIC's 100th Build!'  ·  August 2017

  • It was an amazing weekend! I met so many amazing people who had the same focus on mind, to help change the lives of an entire family! Made tons of new friends and enjoyed giving back through this mission.

    Side note: Sedunia mission page is very user friendly!

    On mission 'EPIC's 100th Build!'  ·  August 2017

  • This was my first build after joining a Builder Basic Workshop, which gave me hands on experience in building a real house with group of amazing people. Couldn't believe we are building a house where people are going to stay. I will definitely join to build again.

    On mission 'EPIC's 100th Build!'  ·  August 2017

  • Great experience with the EPIC facilitators. Nice to have met the architect/designer of the project as well. Gives context to what us volunteers are contributing towards.
    Hands-on practical work makes anyone appreciate the blue collar workers everywhere.
    All in all, an extremely great experience.
    Will probably look out for a mission/project in suburban/rural locations next time.

    On mission 'Street Mural Art & Bricklaying SPECIAL @ PJKita! - Week 2'  ·  October 2017

  • On mission 'The Collective Dream Team'  ·  March 2018

  • Awesome experience. Definitely will come back for 2nd time Epic Home event. Thanks for the wonderful memories of 2018.

    On mission 'Oleon & Business Partners’ Epic Builds'  ·  July 2018

  • Great experience g ! most of them were first time builders but they build like an expert. they give all of their time and energy to build a home and shelter for those who are in needs. Looking forward for the next mission! =)

    On mission 'Oleon & Business Partners’ Epic Builds'  ·  July 2018

  • Sharing the experience and view specifically for Kg Serigala families:

    It was a very easy-going and friendly atmosphere and task. Probably many thanks to the Lead (Daniel) for establishing good relations.
    The personal journey & experience is new and an eye-opener.

    In summary, the few families interviewed were laid back. Having enough to live by. Not really having any grouses, so long as no trouble looks for them.
    Most of the standard brick houses are built with the assistance from JAKOA. And no huge problems are seen so far. But the delivery lead time has been found wanting.

    -Electricity is good, rarely do they experience outages. Even if there were, TNB response is decent with a lead time of 2 days.
    -Water is an ongoing problem and they have learnt to live with it/around it for many years before SYABAS brought water in, and even after that. Because after SYABAS supply began, they still only have water from ~5 hours (12am-5am)
    -Medical assistance has gone missing via mobile clinic (Klinik bergerak) since the end of GE14
    -Education for the current generation of school-going children is a priority for the parents. Those who have since passed the ages of 16-18 have either dropped out or received no formal education.
    -Land titles have been a forever problem. The whole village would at least like to see the land, that their village sits on, gazetted. May not necessarily need a land title for individual homes, as the village is a community as well as a family all the same.
    -Sometimes there is encroachment from 'neighbouring' Kg orang Melayu. But in the end, everyone tries to settle such disputes amicably (tak mau cari pasal la).

    Skills (hidden, potential or otherwise), dreams, interests, future wishes, etc... All these differ for all individuals. And also perhaps they are very modest about what the have done, and the skills and knowledge of DIY maker/repair works may seem normal to them also.

    On mission 'PF#4 - Pathfinders @ Kampung Serigala - Community Mapping'  ·  August 2018

  • It was a really good experience to understand a deeper view of the Orang Asli areas. It was also an eye-opening experience as it gave me not only a better view on the rural, but also a deeper understanding between the problems and issues faced by them. I would recommend joining!

    On mission 'PF#4 - Pathfinders @ Kampung Serigala - Community Mapping'  ·  August 2018

  • It was a great build. The weather was just nice. The community were very helpful. I hope to do more of this.

    On mission 'Toy Libraries Malaysia - Library Build'  ·  August 2018

  • Personally as my 1st build (though partial), it's a great practical experience after having gone through the Basic Builder's Workshop with EPIC.

    All thanks to everyone involved; volunteers, sponsors, organisers and especially the JMB/residents who took good care of our food & drinks to keep everyone going throughout the sunny day.

    On mission 'Toy Libraries Malaysia - Library Build'  ·  August 2018

  • Good effort from all the team members who managed to work together very well and follow all the instructions, rules and finished the tasks given on time. I am so honored to join and contribute to this mission. The level of satisfaction was very high. WELL DONE!

    On mission 'Toy Libraries Malaysia - Library Build'  ·  August 2018

  • It was so exhausting! The pipes we heavy and long. The first time I carry the pipe uphill, I thought Im going to die from tiredness. However, the experience i gained was golden! The villagers were friendly and helpful, they stopped whenever i felt tired. The post-carrying moment is the best because the villagers took us to a majestic waterfall twice! All in all, being a city boy, I learnt a lot from this experience and I will totally recommend it to my friends!

    On mission 'Kg Hulu Tamu Gravity Feed Water System Phase 1 Build (September 16th, 2018)'  ·  September 2018

  • Again, a unique experience with EPIC. Different Orang Asli villages have different needs, and this extends to different families as well.
    It is an interesting and great learning experience for 'us' urbanites meeting the lesser known Malaysians living here in the Peninsula.

    On mission 'PF#5 - Pathfinders @ Kampung Hulu Chemperoh - Community Mapping'  ·  September 2018

  • Overall a great first experience for me meeting with the Orang Asli community and getting to know them and systematically recording the issues that they may have that we could address. I will definitely be up for the next Pathfinders. With that being said, this experience wasn't a walk in the park. Participants were basically given a stack of forms, some basic instructions and split in pairs and sent off with each family. It's up to you to find what works best in your pair to get the most useful information under a limited period of time. Met lots of interesting and nice participants too! :)

    On mission 'PF#5 - Pathfinders @ Kampung Hulu Chemperoh - Community Mapping'  ·  September 2018

  • Really good experience, was my first time and definitely won't be my last, being able to take part in such a meaningful mission really inspires me to contribute more

    On mission 'PF#5 - Pathfinders @ Kampung Hulu Chemperoh - Community Mapping'  ·  September 2018

  • A wonderful experience overall. I have never been to an orang asli village and this was an eye opener for me. Looking forward for future mission of similar nature. Would like to join your builder pathways as well. Thank you daniel and sasha for the leadership.

    On mission 'PF#5 - Pathfinders @ Kampung Hulu Chemperoh - Community Mapping'  ·  September 2018

  • Another PF mission, another Orang Asli village, another new experience. Truly an epic experience together with EPIC once again.
    No matter how little a volunteer's contribution, it is still an effort and impact made, so long as your heart is there.
    Interesting to know how the Mah Meri of Pulau Indah live, and also some history of the village.

    To any new wannabe Pathfinders out there, come join future missions. You're guaranteed an eye opening experience and make new connections.

    On mission 'PF#6 - Pathfinders @ Kampung Orang Asli Pulau Indah - Community Mapping'  ·  October 2018

  • Though an experienced PF volunteer, it is always a unique experience with every village.
    Even though this round was a follow up, to clarify the available information.
    We still have to dedicate time, focus and compassion to speak to any family we meet, as well as anyone else in the village.

    Another great and fulfilling PF mission with epic. Thank you for taking care of us and giving us this opportunity to help others.

    On mission 'PF#7 - Pathfinders Follow Up @ Kampung Gurney - Community Mapping'  ·  November 2018

  • This was my first public build and I'm greatly impressed by how everything was organized. It was hard to believe how the house can be completed within 3 days because it was a 6-module house but we somehow managed despite the rainy weather. It was a truly inspiring experience.

    On mission 'EH133: Tokai Engineering (M) Sdn Bhd Sponsored Build'  ·  November 2018

  • It was a great initiative, where we had a very hands-on experience of helping orang asli community, and with the help of EPIC this effort will be continued further to improve infrastructure and development of the aboriginal communities.

    On mission 'RBC X EPIC Kg Hulu Tamu Gravity Feed Water System Phase 1 Build (Jan 18th, 2019)'  ·  January 2019

  • Well done and good job fellow Pathfinders. It was pleasant to meet and have a conversation with the families to understand and (hopefully in the near future) help them.

    Great improvement on the survey forms. Being able to capture many, necessary info/data of the families.
    Definitely easy to understand for new Pathfinders.

    Great company with the villagers and pathfinders within the village and on the long journey.

    On mission 'PF#8 - Pathfinders Follow Up @ Kampung Putra - Community Mapping'  ·  March 2019

  • a first hand experience with orang asli at their home

    On mission 'PF#8 - Pathfinders Follow Up @ Kampung Putra - Community Mapping'  ·  March 2019

  • Absolutely loved the entire experience. It was unexpectedly tiring, but worth all the effort seeing the joyful faces of Rudy's family

    On mission 'THE GE X GE BUILD'  ·  March 2019

  • The home build programme is one of the best opportunity for volunteers to give something back to the community i.e. building better shelter for an aboriginal family. The existing volunteers are very friendly and helpful. Personally, this programme taught me new skills - basic carpentry skills!

    On mission 'EH140: Mirandah Asia Epic Homes Build'  ·  May 2019

  • I’m most glad I have spent my Saturday morning with passionate people of Epic and other like-minded participants. The workshop has opened my eyes to the process that goes behind an Epic Build and what comes before it. It’s a lot of work but a very important one in order to identify the families’ and overall, the community’s needs.

    Our coordinators are most warm & friendly, and have made everyone feel welcomed to be as open and honest with their thoughts. I think the lead coordinator expanded the core principles really well and some points really came through through small interactions and group discussions. I’m grateful for this experience and hopefully will be able to apply & expand my engagement skill to my own community in the future :)

    On mission 'Pathfinders Workshop - 11th May 2019'  ·  May 2019

  • On a personal note, I return as a builder to overcome my fear of heights and loud machinery. It is a very empowering experience when you forge through them and along the way learned something new. It is also very refreshing to meet builders across all ages and the oldest volunteer, Mr Hon made me feel hopeful and eager to reach my golden years and still be very active in community service! Also, can't wait to see these design prototypes put to good use in future builds!

    On mission 'KLAF 2019 Tropical House Build'  ·  June 2019

  • I really enjoyed learning new skills in a setting that I have often stayed away from - it was a really rewarding experience.

    On mission 'KLAF 2019 Tropical House Build'  ·  July 2019

  • Great 1st experience on-site. Amazing teams; from the EPIC Core team, the Monash builders, and the Orang Asli families around the site.
    Great preparation of drinks, food and accommodation for EH147!

    Highly recommend for anyone to give it a go, at least one time.

    On mission 'Monash University Epic Homes Build'  ·  July 2019

  • Nur

    Great overall experience, but definitely not for everyone. After a full 3 days of back-breaking work, it's all worth it when you see the smiles on the faces of the home recipients. You really get the sense of giving back to the community.

    On mission 'Cadbury Malaysia (Staff) Epic Homes Build'  ·  July 2019

  • It was a fun event. Very engaging and thrilling!
    Good to blow of steam mid week!

    On mission 'Epic Nerf Wars II'  ·  July 2019

  • Amazing night with loads of fun, and all for a great cause.

    On mission 'Epic Nerf Wars II'  ·  July 2019

  • It was fantastic evening filled with laughter, screams, and chatter. Not only were funds raised for Epic Homes, this mission provided a safe space for new friendships and indelible moments braving through foam bullets!

    On mission 'Epic Nerf Wars II'  ·  July 2019

  • Being able to build a home for Majid and Rohana brought me a lot of fulfilment. MSIG’s group of builders showed great teamwork and motivation to do their best for this home and I enjoyed myself thoroughly. I will definitely return to build again

    On mission 'Mitsui Sumitomo Insurance Group (MSIG) Epic Homes Build'  ·  July 2019