About - Sedunia

Impact made easy.

Sedunia is the place for you to make a little difference in your everyday life, whether it's around you or within yourself. Designed to be used by individuals and organisations, Sedunia is a platform that helps you to create, coordinate and track impact in the communities around you.

Sedunia, a word of Malay and Sanskrit origins which means ‘one world’ in english was created based on 3 fundamental beliefs:

  • Creating a better world is a shared responsibility
    All it takes is everyone contributing through small but purposeful actions to create consistent impact that results in lasting positive transformation.
  • Big things happen when we share and collaborate
    We can do a lot more together, go further, last longer, climb higher, build bigger, if we share resources.
  • Transforming our world starts by transforming ourselves
    Whether it’s doing better as a student, volunteer or professional, intentionally growing as a person improves your effectiveness to be the difference in any given situation.

We believe that everyone has a desire to change the world for better - and that every one of us can. We listen to the voices on the ground and build tools that makes impact easy - from fundraising, to recruiting volunteers, to tracking collective impact for social causes and emergencies.