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"Double the impact. For every ringgit crowdfunded, receive another through the Social Impact Matching Grant."

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About the SIM Grant

The SIM grant totaling RM10 million, a PENJANA initiative, was introduced to support social enterprises and social innovation in Malaysia. For every ringgit earned through crowdfunding, SIM Grant will match that amount, in a 1:1 ratio.

Sedunia is a crowdfunding partner of this initiative and you will receive the following perks when you crowdfund with us:

  • Successful SIM Grant Applicants will get a 20%* rebate on Sedunia's platform fee
  • Additional crowdfunding support - promotional campaigns and info sessions

* The 20% rebate on our 3% platform fee will only be applicable for the first RM1 million cumulatively raised on the platform and matched upon approval of SIM grant application.

* Crowdfunding on Sedunia does not mean a guaranteed approval for the SIM Grant. Applicants are still required to meet the SIM Grant's application criteria.

How it works


Start a Campaign

Raise at least 80% of the intended grant amount and a minimum of RM 5,000


Apply for Eligibility

Submit your application for eligibility check


Submit your Proposal

Provide a detailed proposal to MaGIC for evaluation


Collect your Grant

Receive your grant disbursement in tranches

Application ended.

Application Ended Start a Campaign

Learn More

For a detailed guide, please refer to the step-by-step guide by MaGIC.

Built by, and for social changemakers. Sedunia is the leading changemaker platform in Malaysia. We provide a secured and easy crowdfunding platform for you to easily collect donations while promoting transparency and accountability.

We bring out the fun in fundraising. On Sedunia, you can boost your fundraising chances by rallying fellow friends & family with sub-campaigns!

We understand that social changemakers want to maximise both their resources and time. We are committed to making our transaction fee as affordable as possible with an all-time-low of 2% payment gateway fee and 3% platform service fee. This also means that the team would take only 1-3 working days to review your campaign while disbursement of funds will be completed in 10-14 working days upon the campaign completion date.

Learn more about the 7 reasons to supercharge your fundraising campaigns with Sedunia.

Anyone can create a fundraising campaign. Click here to get started.

You may also refer to our tutorial for step-by-step guidance.

Yes! We do not charge an upfront fee to use Sedunia. You may create a free account and start using Sedunia features.

However, we charge a transaction fee of 5% for every transaction made on Sedunia. This fee includes the payment processing fee (2%) required by our payment gateway, and service fee (3%) for the maintenance and improvement of our technology. We strive to provide you excellent services and continue to help more social causes around the world.

Campaign hosts will have the option to absorb the 5% transaction fee or pass on to the donors.

Anyone can create a fundraising campaign. To create a campaign under an organization, you can create a Group Page first.

Yes, you may still apply for the SIM Grant as long as you fulfil the eligibility criteria. You may refer to the eligibility criteria here.

Support campaigns applying for the SIM Grant

These campaigns will have their fundraised amount matched in a 1:1 ratio if approved.

Build Community Self-Feeders for Strays with Stray Tales Society

Change the tales of strays by supporting us with Community Self-Feeders!

by Stray Tales Society

RM 15,618 raised

156% funded
Educate to Elevate: A Brighter Future for Orang Asli Students

Support Tutoring Classes and Orang Asli Teachers' Allowance in Kg. Orang Asli Serendah

by Syakira Kamal

RM 370 raised

4% funded

Support our work to create a safer environment for people and urban primates

by Sharmini Paramasivam

RM 955 raised

12% funded

We‘re raising funds to refurbish used laptops for the deserving students from the B40 community!

by Connect. ED

RM 0 raised

0% funded
Sponsor-A-Child (SAC) Project

Sponsor the education of refugee children with financial difficulties

by Hands of Hope Malaysia

RM 90 raised

1% funded
In order to help provide economic necessities to SLE Community

for Wings of Hope Campaign

Let us help SLE patients walk out of their pain.

by Lin XINYI

RM 30 raised

30% funded
Help Feed Hungry Families And Children In Rural Sabah (Underprivileged Villages)

Together We Can Provide Rural Families With Fresh Food Aid During To Survive The Covid-19 Pandemic

by Aaron B

RM 100 raised

0% funded

We‘re raising funds to refurbish used laptops for the deserving students from the B40 community!

by Connect. ED

RM 2,909 raised

10% funded
#RAR4R : Creating a Batterer Intervention Programme to reduce Domestic Violence

Preventing Domestic Violence in Malaysia Through Abuser Rehabilitation Programs

by Moms Village Venture

RM 7,616 raised

51% funded
Bantu Hero Kami: Fundraising for Hospital Equipment

Fundraising for Intensive Care Unit (ICU) and specialized equipment to hospitals fighting Covid-19

by Kampung Tunku

RM 71,505 raised

27% funded
Distribute Malaysia

Sending staple food and cooked meals to targeted ‘White Flag’ families

by Distribute Malaysia

RM 0 raised

0% funded
Be With Refugees

A powerful way to motivate and appreciate our refugee children's effort.

by Shook Yin Foong

RM 100 raised

10% funded
Projek Pelita 2021

In times of adversity, we shed light on the Rakyat | #RakyatJagaRakyat #MSLSXV


RM 17,475 raised

117% funded
Free One-on-One Tutoring for B40 SPM Students

We aim to overcome learning loss and inequalities faced by students due to COVID-19 school closures.

by Rakan Tutor

RM 5,310 raised

18% funded
Blooming Hope: Keeping Lukut Kids School-Ready During A Pandemic

Provide the essential items needed by the school children to embrace the day-to-day remote learning.

by Am Muhammad

RM 0 raised

0% funded
#FundraiseForDigital: Raise Funds for B40 Students to E-Learn

We‘re raising funds to refurbish used laptops for the deserving students from the B40 community!

by Connect. ED

RM 20,694 raised

207% funded
Self compassionate yarn crafts movement for breast cancer

Fundraising for seed money to kickstart a social enterprise idea for breast cancer patients

by Mei Theng Ng

RM 25,408 raised

102% funded
Restore Gaza School Destroyed By Airstrike

No act of kindness, no matter how small, is ever wasted

by Wanita Inspirasi Negara WIN

RM 800 raised

1% funded
Projek Didik Tuition Campaign #SaveSPM2021

Donate now to fund our classes up till March 2022 for the SPM 2021 batch!

by Hands for Education

RM 7,335 raised

27% funded
Equipping B40 students with electronic devices for online learning

Providing students with better study equipment and experience

by Shu Xin Ho

RM 9,430 raised

107% funded
Digital Education Access for the Orang Asli Students of Kampung Kemidak, Johor

Purchasing digital devices, data packages and educational utilities for the "Pondok Pembelajaran"

by Xu Yin Tan

RM 21,430 raised

54% funded
Dream Big with me - Heidy's 27th birthday fundraiser

Fundraising for 3 causes close to my heart that has been most impacted by the COVID-19 pandemic.

by Heidy Quah

RM 41,676 raised

104% funded
Fundraising for a better tomorrow

This campaign is started by 5 future biologist from Universiti Sains Malaysia to raise awareness.

by Zu Wei Tan

RM 1,085 raised

18% funded
Save the Endangered Terrapins, Start with You

Donate to fund the conservation and research of critically endangered river terrapins

by San Sann

RM 367 raised

12% funded
The Hope Branch : Kapar, Klang Refurbishment Project

Cleaning up and refurbishing homes of families living in deplorable conditions in Kapar

by The Hope Branch

RM 11,295 raised

19% funded
FREE e-Learning Platform for the Disempowered to Learn , Heal and Rebuild Life.

To create E-Learning Portal for victims of Domestic Violence to Learn, Heal & rebuild at own pace

by Moms Village Venture

RM 2,225 raised

4% funded
Impian OKU - to build & develop OKU Creativity & Excellence Training Center

To develop & empowering OKU to be more stronger, independent & more confident in being competitive

by Shila Diva Cosmetics

RM 4,480 raised

1% funded
Digital Entrepreneurship Mentoring Programme for B40 Youth

Empowering B40 youth to become resilient digital entrepreneurs through mentorship!

by Future Laboratory

RM 0 raised

0% funded
Investing into B40 Women Entrepreneurs

Help mak ciks start their gerai makan business (They've been waiting for months to start!)

by Graze Market

RM 3,390 raised

34% funded
Sponsor-A-Child Project

Sponsor the education of refugee children with financial difficulties

by Hands of Hope Malaysia

RM 449 raised

9% funded
Terrapin Heroes Fundraising (T3)

We are a group of teenage heroes wanting to save the world and restore balance in the ecosystem .

by Terrapin Heroes

RM 2,714 raised

68% funded
Educate Our Youths for the Future

Engage, Empower and Encourage The Youth As The Leader of Tomorrow.

by Teo Jing Yi

RM 175 raised

9% funded
Academic Mentorship Program for HIV Infected and Affected Children

Provide academic mentorship for children left behind due to illness and poverty.


RM 0 raised

0% funded
GoJob Mart

Help us set up a food mart dedicated to providing food security to the urban poor around us!

by Zarina Tom

RM 150 raised

0% funded
Youth Leadership Rainforest Camp 2021

Sponsor young Malaysians to a rainforest camp to make them the future green leaders

by GreenSmiths

RM 5,505 raised

103% funded
Uniwealth Fundraiser to Feed the Hungry

Support hungry families with food aid. With RM100 you'll be able to feed a family for 2 weeks!

by Nadine

RM 160 raised

1% funded
Ensuring B40 Students Have Laptops to E-Learn

We intend to secure laptops for students, both by way of fundraising and by selling merchandise.

by Connect. ED

RM 2,490 raised

50% funded
Inspire The Angel

We provide a social interaction platform to help those with special needs.


RM 792 raised

40% funded
Tutoring SPM students.

for Bersama-sama Project

I'll be offering tutoring sessions to SPM students for a small donation to Bersama-sama Project.

by Kah Vern Chiang

RM 0 raised

0% funded
Precious Plastic by KITARAN

Help us turn Used Plastic Waste into Recycled Plastic Pots

by Aleeza Zaki

RM 6,800 raised

100% funded

by Hero Charity

RM 65,550 raised

100% funded
Mental Health Accessibility for All

To enhance our one stop web application and initiatives for affordable and accessible mental health

by Mentalogue Enterprise

RM 450 raised

5% funded
Farm To Table for B40

Food security & health for the B40, a watermelon & a dental kit, at a time

by Abundant Ventures Sdn Bhd

RM 5,010 raised

100% funded
Empower 15 Refugees to Rebuild Their Lives as Home Chefs

Enable 15 refugees to become certified home chefs and earn a sustainable income

by PichaEats

RM 250 raised

1% funded
Empower the poor through the art of barbering

Empower the underprivileged youth with barbering skill to break free from poverty

by Lex Low

RM 1,580 raised

28% funded
Reusable Mask For 558 Orang Asli in Pulau Carey

Help the Mah Meri community protect themselves and save money in the long run.

by The Asli Co.

RM 860 raised

15% funded
Creating income for single mothers

Fundraising For Single Mother Community Tailoring Center

by Tharani Periasamy

RM 0 raised

0% funded
Care For Gold

Our society needs people who truly care about the elderlies and disabled, hence here we are to help.

by Joanna Yap

RM 555 raised

11% funded
Zero Waste Fundraise

Let's work together to reduce waste in Malaysia and help needy communities!

by Pei Qin Tan

RM 1,449 raised

26% funded

by Hero Charity

RM 1,660 raised

1% funded
Sayur In The City: For Kids & Youths

Get kids to know and grow our local vegetables

by Shao-Lyn Low

RM 21,445 raised

86% funded
Help Us Upskill At-Risk Youths!

Raising funds to upskill at-risk youths, helping them become micro-entrepreneurs!

by Accelerate Global

RM 940 raised

1% funded
Kita Bantu Anak Malaysia - an initiative from Speak Up AIESEC in UPM

We help provide laptops to B40 students to ease their virtual educational journey.

by AIESEC in Universiti Putra Malaysia

RM 2,260 raised

35% funded

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