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56113 Orang Asli families

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Supporting Orang Asli families affected by the Movement Control Order

Images by Kenny Loh

Many Orang Asli communities are affected in one or more ways. Settlements with plantations are unable to transport their harvests out - this means zero sales. Areas devastated by excessive logging means that many are no longer able to live off the land. Grocery stores are out of reach to those from kampungs with lower accessibility (hours by boat, 4x4s). With no income, no access to alternative avenues of income, and no natural food source, their hands are completely tied.

2 months ago


The Ministry of Rural Development (KPLB), via JAKOA, is in the process of distributing food baskets to the Orang Asli community at a total budget of RM11 million across 2 phases: [news]

  • Phase 1 began on 2 April, scheduled to end on 10 April 2020, covers over 49,000 families in 853 kampungs
  • Phase 2 begins on 10 April, covering 55,000 families - accounting for additional families who have moved or established new kampungs

With this welcome news, in the spirit of #NoOneLeftBehind, collective OA fundraising and relief efforts will still continue to supplement the work done by KPLB and JAKOA, covering the following activities:

  • Ongoing contact with the OA community in order to continue providing aid as and when required
  • Outreach to non-gazetted kampungs (beyond the 853) who may not have received aid

Our work still remains crucial for two main reasons:

  • Kampungs that are not officially registered may have slipped through the cracks, due to the evolving nature of the Orang Asli way of life where migration and establishments of new villages commonly take place
  • Low accessibility in remote areas that pose major logistical challenges

In addition, as there will be a recovery period, this initiative will continue to operate beyond the last date of the MCO. For life to resume as normal, this will include the need for more health supplies, access to continued or new revenue streams, and so on.

Information on the Orang Asli community in Peninsular Malaysia, while being actively updated, for the reasons stated above, is not complete. Thereafter, we hope that with the successful collation of data from JAKOA and all NGOs involved during this time, we will be able to address ongoing issues unrelated to the virus outbreak and MCO much more effectively.

Our Goals

There are over 50,000 Orang Asli families in Peninsular Malaysia, with a portion already being assisted by JAKOA, NGOs, and individuals. To ensure that no village will be left behind, this collective aims to:

  • Serve as a public dashboard for all Orang Asli relief efforts, where anyone and any NGO can register and track ongoing OA-related activities
  • Establish and manage an emergency fund which can be accessed by NGOs/Community Champions to reach out to villages that have yet to receive aid

Our Emergency Fund

RM 158,153
of RM250,000

This fund was established to serve communities that have been identified to require aid urgently. NGOs who require assistance in fundraising may request for access to these funds. The target amount may change due to additional requests.

Learn more about how the funds will be used here.

Click here to view our disbursement report, which is updated regularly.

63% funded
613 sponsors
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The Orang Asli Community

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For more information, you may WhatsApp Farah.

This collective aims to unite everyone who has a mission of supporting the OA community. Our role is to collate any and all data obtained by various parties involved in OA relief work, including JAKOA and ourselves. By sharing data and information and making it publicly available all in one place, we will be better equipped to provide relief work where needed, and to continue to develop and empower the OA community.

Our goal is to build a knowledge depository and resource centre. Think of this collective as a collaborative census. Due to the ever-evolving and fragmented OA community, it is not easy to have a good grasp of what’s happening on the ground. But together, we can put together our different pieces of puzzle and get as close as we can to the full picture. This can only be possible with you and everyone else who is doing good work for the Orang Asli community!

Every NGO maintains the status quo: you do not need to stop any work you’re currently doing or to commit to any form of additional work. All you need to do is share your data and information on the communities you’ve reached out to. This includes details such as which villages you’ve been to, how many families you’ve helped, and the details of the aid you’ve sent in. Rest assured that all data submitted will be credited to you/your organisation!

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OA Collective Network

This is a list of various governmental and non-governmental OA relief work in Peninsular Malaysia, gathered from publicly available records.

View the Collective Network

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Based on the latest data from JAKOA, there are over 50,000 Orang Asli families in Peninsular Malaysia. This collective aims to consolidate and digitise information of all relief efforts in one place, ensuring that every kampung has access to aid during this difficult time.

At the same time, we have also established an emergency fund. All donations are collected into one big tabung, and in partnership with JAKOA and other NGOs, we will channel the necessary funds to specific communities. Trained teams will then be mobilised for purchasing and distribution.

Scores of OA communities are already receiving aid from JAKOA, NGOs, and kind-hearted individuals. This collective aims to consolidate and digitise all Orang Asli information and relief efforts into one place, enabling greater accountability, transparency, and effectiveness.

Accountability for every sen raised. We want to make every good deed count. Together with JAKOA, we have access to data on the number of families residing in each kampung and the kind of aid needed. In times when many are needy, it is of paramount importance to prevent wastage of funds and food supplies, by doing our part in due diligence.

Transparency, all in one place. It doesn’t just end at fundraising. Supplies have to be purchased and distributed in a safe manner that does not endanger the community. Each kampung will be assigned a logistics team, whether it is an experienced JAKOA partner or an NGO who already has a presence in the area. Upon the successful closing of a campaign, we will publish reports on how the funds were used, together with photos!

Effectiveness in charity work. Keep track of fundraising efforts for every kampung right here. Find out which kampung has received aid, so you can direct help to those who are still struggling.

Due to the nomadic nature of some tribes, establishment of new villages, the growing population, and challenges of being able to liaise directly with the Orang Asli, we expect some deviation from the data. We are constantly adapting to changes on the ground and this may lead to adjustments to fundraising amounts or extension of the donation period. If such cases occur in our fundraising campaigns, we will update our pages and also send a notification to all our donors and stakeholders. This will also be a good opportunity for us to update our database.

We strive to be open and honest with our work and we hope for your continued support as this initiative grows and evolves. With centralised efforts for the community, we can ensure that no one gets left behind.

At the cost of RM100 per family, this is sufficient for 2 weeks’ of groceries. This is also inclusive of transportation costs, the amount of which varies from kampung to kampung.

Where necessary, we may also purchase the following items:

Rice Canned food
Flour Infant formula
Sugar & salt Bihun
Condensed milk Biscuits
Tea / coffee / Milo Anchovies and other dry ingredients
Cooking oil
Hand sanitiser Detergent
Fask masks Toothbrush & toothpaste
Sanitary pads and other feminine products Shampoo, soap and other toiletries
Baby diapers

In collaboration with Jabatan Kemajuan Orang Asli Malaysia (JAKOA), Epic is working as a coordinator to ensure that the Orang Asli community is taken care of during this epidemic and Movement Control Order (MCO). While JAKOA has received an allocated budget, it is sufficient only to help those that are in critical situations. This is why we are counting on fellow Malaysians to make this movement a success!

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Orang Asli Community Pages BETA

Find a community in our directory below and coordinate our efforts together so that no one gets left behind.
853 gazetted villages and 195 non-gazetted villages uploaded.

Note: As some of our data are based on JAKOA’s latest census in 2018, some of the information may not be accurate;
such as the GPS coordinates, photos of the kampung, population, and number of families. We welcome assistance in getting our database updated: just fill out this form.

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RM100 goes a long way - 2 weeks to be exact! - in helping an OA family get through this tough Covid-19 / MCO season.

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Frequently Asked Questions


This is possible for OA communities that are within Klang Valley. Check out specific community pages to see what goods can be donated!

For all other areas, in-kind donations are not available at the moment. Cash gives us the flexibility to purchase specific supplies for a kampung’s specific needs, and we will purchase the goods from a supplier in the nearest town to reduce logistical expenses.

We encourage everyone to donate online as it provides transparency of all funds raised and eases finance reconciliation work.

But if you’re unable to do it yourself, you may directly bank in your donation to:

Description: "Food Aid OA"

Please send the bank in slip to [email protected] We will then take 1-2 working days to check through the bank statement and update the campaign total amount with your donation.

Thank you in advance!

We hope to get as much support as possible so that no one gets left behind during this tough Covid-19 / MCO season.


Based on the list of basic needs published by JAKOA in their guidelines for aiding the Orang Asli community during the MCO period, RM100 should be sufficient for 2 weeks’ worth of supplies for the average Orang Asli family. You may refer to the list of goods and supplies in the Learn more section.

With reference from JAKOA's district officers as well as NGOs working in the area, we will assess the most critical supplies required for the village, and arrange for purchase and distribution within the stipulated 'RM100 per family' budget. This means that any transportation costs for the aid to reach directly to the villages will also be taken from the same amount. As such, the supplies that each village receives may differ from one to another.

Sedunia has waived all service fees for Covid-19 related campaigns, so besides the 2% payment gateway fees, 100% of donations go straight to providing food for beneficiaries. If you would like to support the team behind this, you can sponsor us here.

A combination of a priority list from JAKOA and recommendations from us and NGOs help us get a better view of the levels of urgency at each kampung. There are also variables affecting the speed of which a kampung receives aid: accessibility and logistical arrangements, availability of and distance to the nearest grocery store, and so on.

Together with JAKOA or an NGO already present in the community, we have the latest numbers of families in each kampung, and direct contact with the Tok Batin/Ketua Kampung to understand the situation on the ground. We will also ensure that only delivery partners with the relevant documentation, experience, and skills are allocated funds to arrange for purchase and distribution. Photographic evidence of the process is mandatory.

This will be reviewed on a case-by-case basis. Check out specific community pages to see which villages require volunteers for packing and distribution. Due to MCO restrictions and also safety guidelines for the OA community, volunteer mobilisation may not be possible for some areas.

We adhere to the guidelines set out by the Minister of Women, Family and Community Development.

Details of disbursement are available for specific fundraising campaigns - just click through to any campaign that you’d like to find out more.

Awesome! We are looking for more programmers to continuously enhance this website. Please drop your CV to [email protected] and we'll be in touch.

For NGOs

It doesn’t! Just register here so that everyone is kept up-to-date on which kampung has received aid, and we will update our database and credit your NGO accordingly.

There are several options:

  • Make arrangements with the nearest grocery store - you can enquire whether the store does deliveries, or an appointed OA can arrange for pick up
  • Fill out this form here or contact the Epic Hotline on +60 12-939 3622 with the following details:

Name of individual / NGO:
Person In Charge:
Whatsapp Contact:
Items to contribute:
Village to donate option 1:
Village to donate option 2:
Village to donate option 3:
Can you arrange for delivery? : Yes / No
Can you provide volunteers for distribution? : Yes / No

Just let us know here! We will have this link up so that interested individuals can donate there.

Request for funds from our emergency fund here. Do note that we have a due diligence process and upon approval, funds will be disbursed on a first-come-first-served basis.

For Sponsors

We welcome all amounts of cash donations - for corporate donations (larger amounts) as well as in-kind donations, you can fill up this form here.

The minimum value for in-kind donations is RM1,000. As there are costs and resources required to mobilise in-kind donations, we would like to ensure that all efforts are as streamlined as efficiently as possible.

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