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Mission Description

Come join us in our collaboration to improve Petaling Jaya city

PJKITA, a community initiative by Petaling Jaya City Council (MBPJ) is holding its open day to engage the community of Petaling Jaya. EPIC Communities (development arm) has been invited to be its community development partner to gather insights and ideas that could help make Petaling Jaya city better and more sustainable. Along with the announcement of PJKITA's Sustainable Community Award 2017, we will be having a booth and game station to make the occasion alot more fun, rewarding and enjoyable. 

For this mission we are looking for 10 people (4 facilitators and 6 ushers) who enjoys meeting, speaking and playing with strangers, brainstorming ideas to and encouraging them to turn it into reality. The results of your work will shape how the city council develops PJ further. You will also be part of a model effort to encourage more grassroot led development, inclusive participation and collaboration between the people of PJ and the City council. 

Can't wait to work together with you to make Petaling Jaya a better city! 

Hurry! Hurry! while spots lasts 

*This mission provides remuneration for your services.

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Mission Impact

  1. We hope to draw insights and ideas from the citizens of Petaling Jaya to hopefully turn into plans to further enhance PJ city.
  2. We hope to inspire and encourage the people of PJ to be proactive and potentially start their own initiatives
  3. We hope to create a healthy collaboration between the people of PJ and their town council

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Reviews from mission participants (7)

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  • It's a great mission and I love to see more of this in the future where the PJrians could be more proactive on what they want in their environment/neighbourhood/workplace. MBPJ should also make an effort to make sure the PJrians are heard and work together as a community to make PJ a better place.

    On mission 'Community Engagement with PJKITA'  ·  August 2017

  • Amazing experience for those who registered! We got to mingle and interact with the community in PJ and find out what their thoughts were.

    Registration on the mission page was very user-friendly and informative! Looking forward to joining more missions! Woohoo!

    On mission 'Community Engagement with PJKITA'  ·  August 2017

  • I think this is a great effort to kickstart this democratic way of development! Kudos to MBPJ to have this initiative. Public response was good where you can see some of them very eager to share their thoughts and have a positive outlook to this. Some people are still quite new to this idea but able to spark some curiosity in people. Can't wait to see more of these opportunities in future and come to fruition

    On mission 'Community Engagement with PJKITA'  ·  August 2017

  • I had such a great time at the #PJKITA event! I had the opportunity to learn how to put on a thick skin and bravely engage strangers to gather ideas and feedback for their beloved community. And in that process, I made many new awesome friends while being able to do my bit for a social change.

    On mission 'Community Engagement with PJKITA'  ·  August 2017

  • It was really hectic but great to see the PJ community involved in giving feedback for their own neighborhood! I was very pleasantly surprised to have met individuals who are motivated and dedicated to their own environment and were most eager to contribute.

    On mission 'Community Engagement with PJKITA'  ·  August 2017

  • Overall, this was a good engagement session with PJrians communities. Its my first time involving in such community engagement. Some of the people are curious with this type of engagement. Nevertheless, they are willing to share their ideas on how to improve the PJ communities. Hopefully, the relevant stakeholders would be able to take necessary actions to help mitigate issues and also improve PJ for better.

    On mission 'Community Engagement with PJKITA'  ·  August 2017

  • PJKita provided us a great opportunity to understand the concerns and needs of the PJ-ians. It's exciting to see what sort of change they're looking forward to in their physical environment, and its often what we may overlook. I would love to see more of these public engagements to help build a community-inclusive city. Overall, great job!

    On mission 'Community Engagement with PJKITA'  ·  August 2017

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When & Where

The Curve
6, Jalan PJU 7/3
Mutiara Damansara
Petaling Jaya
47820, Selangor
GPS Coordinates: 3.1615770, 101.6134720

20 Aug 2017 10:00 am (Sunday)
20 Aug 2017 03:00 pm (Sunday)

Mission Hours
5 hours

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Joined on 30 Mar 2016

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