Community Engagement with PJKITA

Mission Completion Report

20 Aug 2017 - 20 Aug 2017



A Brief Introduction

PJKITA, a community initiative by Petaling Jaya City Council (MBPJ) is holding its open day to engage the community of Petaling Jaya. EPIC Communities (development arm) has been invited to be its community development partner to gather insights and ideas that could help make Petaling Jaya city better and more sustainable. Along with the announcement of PJKITA's Sustainable Community Award 2017, we will be having a booth and game station to make the occasion alot more fun, rewarding and enjoyable.

Mission Details

  • Duration of the Mission 1 day
  • Active Mission Hours 5 hours
  • Number of Participants 10
  • Total Mission Cost RM 0.00
  • Location The Curve
  • Sustainable Development Goals Addressed

Sustainable Development Goals Addressed

In the Field

Mission Outputs

  • Community Engagement with the people from PJ 5 Hours
  • Ideas how to make PJ a better place ~ 100
  • Sign ups on the PJ Kita club > 100

What has been accomplished

We managed to draw insights and ideas from the citizens of Petaling Jaya to hopefully turn into plans to further enhance PJ city.

We managed to inspire and encourage the people of PJ to be proactive and potentially start their own initiatives

We managed to create a healthy collaboration between the people of PJ and their town council least for a start

Mission Reviews
7 reviews

  • I had such a great time at the #PJKITA event! I had the opportunity to learn how to put on a thick skin and bravely engage strangers to gather ideas and feedback for their beloved community. And in that process, I made many new awesome friends while being able to do my bit for a social change.

  • Overall, this was a good engagement session with PJrians communities. Its my first time involving in such community engagement. Some of the people are curious with this type of engagement. Nevertheless, they are willing to share their ideas on how to improve the PJ communities. Hopefully, the relevant stakeholders would be able to take necessary actions to help mitigate issues and also improve PJ for better.

  • PJKita provided us a great opportunity to understand the concerns and needs of the PJ-ians. It's exciting to see what sort of change they're looking forward to in their physical environment, and its often what we may overlook. I would love to see more of these public engagements to help build a community-inclusive city. Overall, great job!

Final Words

MBPJ's (Petaling Jaya's Town Council) - Urban development goals towards a Sustainable City in 2030, PJ Kita is a town wide campaign to empower local community organisations to propose and take action to make PJ a better place for everyone to live in. This mission was a great start in our collaboration with MBPJ (Petaling Jaya's Town Council) to engage with the public to hear and gather their thoughts about living in PJ and what they aspire to make PJ a better place to live in. The public response was good and we hope to see more of these engagement activities from time to come.