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Mission Description

House Sponsored by Tranglo (PRIVATE BUILD)

This is a private Build. Only invited volunteers are allowed to join this build.

EPIC Homes is EPIC's flagship initiative that aims to build trust and relationships with marginalized communities in order to create cooperative, resilient and sustainable communities through the simple act of building home - addressing the issue of access to safe housing among marginalized communities.

EPIC strives to equip individuals to be able to engage with communities, build trust and relationships via participatory processes in research, planning & implementation with the facilitation of socio-technical & domain experts. Through this, shared experiences are cultivated, which heightens the community, external supporters & overall awareness of our inter-relationships and interactions within the space we occupy.

  We have Built 150+ Homes.

 We have a builder community of over 5,000 volunteers.

  We have worked with over 10 villages across Peninsular Malaysia.

  An EPIC Home only takes 3 - 5 days to build!


This is a privately organized build made possible by Tranglo. This event is exclusively open to selected volunteers where an exciting weekend awaits them! 


Date: 9th to 11th December, 2022 
Location: Kampung Orang Asli Serigala, Hulu Bernam, Selangor
Transportation: TBC
Accommodation: TBC


We hope that throughout the build, volunteers will develop a deeper understanding of how the Orang Asli live, and that volunteers put themselves in the shoes of the community. We're essentially building a closer relationship with the Orang Asli community whilst also strengthening the relationships and dynamics of your team!


Approach and talk to the family! Strike up a conversation and leave a positive and lasting impression. They are usually shy, especially the women, and they may be a little hesitant to approach you in such a big group.
Be open to new things as different communities tend to work differently. Who knows? You could even learn a thing or two!


First Time Volunteers must go through Basic Builder Workshop before joining above build.
Register for Basic Builder Workshop here!

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Mission Impact

By taking part in this build, you would be providing a home for a deserving family as well as connecting them a wider network of amazing people through you!

SDGs Addressed




Reviews from mission participants (3)

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  • Such a fulfilling weekend we have experienced. I believe all builders will definitely remember this build experience for their life. So true that like what Core team say, we are not just building a house but building for someone's life/future.

    Definitely will join a build again and recommend friends to join too.

    On mission 'Build an Epic Home EH186 for Ery Fadilan & Family '  ·  December 2022

  • A new amazing way for CSR. Helping community, getting out of the office, building teamwork, aware of environment and sense of achievement.

    On mission 'Build an Epic Home EH186 for Ery Fadilan & Family '  ·  December 2022

  • It was truly a rewarding experience especially after seeing Ery and his family receive the keys to their new home. I enjoyed the whole build as I got to learn not just basic woodwork skills, but also teamwork and communication. The core team were also very supportive and provided guidance and instructions throughout the build.

    On mission 'Build an Epic Home EH186 for Ery Fadilan & Family '  ·  December 2022

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When & Where

Kg Orang Asli Serigala
Ulu Bernam
Hulu Selangor
44020, Selangor
GPS Coordinates: 3.7065664, 101.4571577

09 Dec 2022 06:00 am (Friday)
11 Dec 2022 08:00 pm (Sunday)

Mission Hours
30 hours

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Joined on 30 Mar 2016


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