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1 hours Tue, Nov 17 08:00 PM
Online Webinar, Petaling Jaya

Swimming Through Covid-19: Sea Turtle Conservation Challenges in Malaysia

A webinar on turtle conservation work, challenges and plans

3 hours Wed, Oct 14 09:00 AM
Kayu Ara River, Petaling Jaya

River Cleanup to Save A Family of Otters' Home

Clean Kayu Ara river to save a family of otters' home

30 hours Mon, Apr 06 08:00 AM
PEEP Fuze Ecoteer House, Besut

Perhentian Eco-Education Project

To educate the locals and tourists on sustainable living & travelling practices

30 hours Mon, Apr 06 08:00 AM
Rumah Blue Temple, Besut

Perhentian Islands Marine Research Station

Dive into marine conservation while leading waste management schemes

30 hours Mon, Apr 06 12:00 AM
PTP Fuze Ecoteer House, Besut

Perhentian Turtle Project - Volunteering

Volunteer to be part of sea turtle conservation work

30 hours Sun, Jan 05 08:00 AM
Fuze Ecoteer Merapoh Project, Kuala Lipis

Malayan Rainforest Station

Volunteer to conserve the rainforest and wildlife of Malaysia


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