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This mission has ended on Sun, Aug 27 12:01 am.

Mission Description

Refurbishment of Community Hall and Balai Raya for Kampung Tanah Gembur


Small Changes, a volunteer organisation that was founded in 2011 by a group of young adults in Subang Jaya. The idea of forming an organisation came about from their lepak sessions then turned into a session where good intention and ideas were discussed and made possible to benefit others. This has consequently lead to their desire in doing good for the Malaysian society as a whole.

This year until 2019, under their theme campaigned called Project Aspire to Inspire, Small Changes turned into helping Kampung Tanah Gembur to empower themselves with various opportunities such as expansion of their sewing skills and educational modules for young children.

What are we doing?

The communal facilities such as the Communal Hall, Balai Raya and Toilet requires some refurbishment to ensure that it is conducive to conduct their workshops and lessons. The Community of Kampung Tanah Gembur will require help from technical expertise and volunteer builders to refurbish the facilities. Therefore, Small Changes has approached EPIC Communities to help the villagers with the refurbishment works.


Project team - Mr Chan (project site lead) + Mr. Lau (electrical) + 1x skilled labour + 2 villagers + 4x Builder Hub

Food & drinks will be self organised (cost will be covered in the project budget)

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Mission Impact

With better and more conducive learning spaces and facilities, the community and other organisations can purposefully use the space to run their programmes for longer term without having the worry of a deteriorated environment. By giving an extra boost to dignify and increase confidence in the community, it encourages the community to take ownership and improve their lives starting by creating more opportunities for themselves. 

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When & Where

Kampung Tanah Gembur
GPS Coordinates: 2.3352210, 102.5579760

26 Aug 2017 12:00 am (Saturday)
27 Aug 2017 12:01 am (Sunday)

Mission Hours
24 hours

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