Build a Prototype Bamboo Epic Home May - Missions - Sedunia
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Mission Description

About the Prototype Bamboo Epic Home

Find out more in this participant brief here:

What is the Prototype Bamboo Epic Home?
We need your help to prototype a new Epic Home design using bamboo! We would like to invite you to build a prototype Epic Home using Bamboo over two weekends, 4 - 5 May, and 11 - 12 May. We will build a part of this new design to test out the viability of Bamboo as a construction material to fit within our build processes and experience.

We would be covering the basics of building with bamboo at the start of the weekend, with most of our time thereafter being spent on building this prototype bamboo house.
Your feedback from this build will then help the designers refine the design.

The creation of this design is in collaboration with the DB3 Team, SEAD and Ewe Jin Low’s leadership (from or on Instagram @ewejinlow).

Why Bamboo?
Over the past year and a half, Epic has been working with various experts to set up a sustainable treated bamboo pole industry in the Orang Asli communities as a form of economic empowerment.
We’ve decided to take a serious step into making bamboo the ideal way forward for epic homes as a construction material. Bamboo is a super material with many positive values given its suitability to our climate, cost effectiveness (compared to the volatile steel prices), positive environmental impact and potential for it to improve livelihoods of the OA themselves.

Important Details below:
Date: 4th - 5th May, and 11th - 12th May
Location: Parc, Taman Subang Ria
Time: Full day

1.Are we staying in accommodation over the three days?
Nope, since it is within the city each day, we will go back to our own homes and meet fresh at the location the next day.
2. How is this workshop different from the last bamboo workshop with SEAD?
The previous workshop does share similarities in terms of learning the basics of building with bamboo but this should also be treated as a prototyping workshop where we want to get feedback from you, as core team members, to validate and refine the buildability of this new bamboo house.

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Mission Impact

Exploring the use of a sustainable construction material in Bamboo to prototype a new Epic Home. This workshop works towards training and familiarising people with the material as well as the viability of the design of the home. The impact of this mission can lead to further and effective use of bamboo in construction of homes.

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When & Where

Jalan Taylors
Petaling Jaya
47500, Selangor
GPS Coordinates: 3.0819820, 101.6004630

04 May 2024 08:00 am (Saturday)
12 May 2024 08:01 am (Sunday)

Mission Hours
24 hours

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