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Mission Description

To help out and create awareness about social anxiety disorder

We as a group doing this project to break the stigma that says people who tends to be alone will or people who do not communicate well with others will not be able to do practical things and judging them as they always live in their own world. At the same time, we would like to increase awareness of the importance of healthy mental health. In addition, we want to educate students who have social anxiety disorder to not embarrass about it but to solve this and also teach them how to develop their interpersonal skills that could be really useful for them in the future.

Firstly, we will open a booth in Sunway College Boulevard to share the information on increasing the awareness of this issue and distributes a questionnaire to find out is there any people that have this social anxiety in Sunway College. Moreover, we will have an interview session with our Community Partner which is Sunway Counselling Team to understand the matter clearly. 

On 10th of January 2020 (Friday), we held a booth to let the people participate in a questionnaire and involve in games activities. We also did interviews with the students in college as to know whether do they understand about social anxiety disorder or do they having any social anxiety disorder. As for the interview session with the counselor, it was held on 17th January 202 in Student Life, Sunway College.

There will be a short video for viewers to know a little about social anxiety disorder and also showing a part of the interview session with the counsellor on explaining the issue. Facebook, Instagram and YouTube will be the platforms for us to reach out to the public for raising awareness on social anxiety disorder and how we as a part of the people in this world could create a better society and communicate well with anyone without fear or shy. 

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Mission Impact

1. create awareness about social anxiety disorder to the people.

2. spread awareness to the public that people with social anxiety disorder is not weird or rude.

3. to understand the issue by offering care and help towards the people who are facing social anxiety.

4. to educate and encourage everyone to be more caring and the proper way to communicate or approach people with social anxiety disorder. 

5. to enlightened the public that everyone is different and be kind to each other by not judging anyone in this society. 

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When & Where

Sunway College (linked bridge)
Petaling Jaya
47500, Selangor
GPS Coordinates: 3.0678710, 101.6039120

10 Jan 2020 09:00 am (Friday)
10 Jan 2020 05:00 pm (Friday)

Mission Hours
8 hours

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