Mission Completion Report

10 Jan 2020 - 10 Jan 2020



A Brief Introduction

To help out and create awareness about social anxiety disorder

Mission Details

  • Duration of the Mission 1 day
  • Active Mission Hours 8 hours
  • Number of Participants 0
  • Total Mission Cost RM 60.00
  • Location Sunway College (linked bridge)
  • Sustainable Development Goals Addressed

Sustainable Development Goals Addressed

In the Field

Mission Outputs

  • Increased awareness about social anxiety disorder

What has been accomplished

Creating awareness about social anxiety disorder to the people and spread awareness to the public that people with social anxiety disorder is not weird or rude. As this could gain to understand the issue by offering care and help towards the people who are facing social anxiety. This project did encourage everyone to be more caring and the proper way to communicate or approach people with social anxiety disorder. It has also enlightened the public that everyone is different and be kind to each other by not judging anyone in this society. 

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Final Words

All of us have faith and believe that this will have a positive impact on the society, especially to the students in Sunway College. It is very important to acknowledge the issues and overcome with confidence. Therefore, seeking help is a way to cope and solve the problem from time to time as mental health does matter to everyone.

This society needs more people to be less judgmental and more caring towards each other. Be kind, be humble, be friendly and love more. As a simple care and support would mean a lot to someone.

We as a team would like to take this opportunity to say thank you to Ms. Anita and Sedunia for all the considerations and guidance provided to us in this project. 

Always remember that someone out there feels better because of your existence!