KOA Sudak Mission 2 - Missions - Sedunia
A completion report will be ready once the mission organizer makes it available.
This mission has ended on Sun, Jan 28 11:55 pm.

Mission Description

Let's bring happiness and aid to KOA Sudak


Part A: About Kampung Orang Asli Sudak

Part B: Missions

Part C: Logistics & Briefing

Part D: Volunteers need to bring

Part E: For New Volunteer only

Part A: About Kampung Orang Asli Sudak

KOA Tual is situated in Royal Belum State Park, Perak.

4x4 Relief Malaysia has been to this kampung and built 2 toilets, solar system (and fitted lighting to all the houses), and a water tank. (https://www.sedunia.me/missions/koa-sudak-mission)

Part B: Missions

The mission brief below is tentative and subject to changes.

1. Rumah Baca & Balai Raya (dual purpose) 

Here's the design of the Rumah Baca & Balai Raya that we will be building, it is 20 ft x 100 ft (photo for illustration only). It is one building but dual purpose.

The Rumah Baca that we built before in another kampung orang asli.

2. Toilets

In addition to the 2 existing toilets, we will be building more toilets.

3. Chicken Coop

Preliminary work to design and build 5 chicken coops to increase the income stream of the orang asli.

4. Reinforcement of bridge

There is a bridge leading to the kampung. Due to continuous heavy rain for the past 1 month, the riverbank has been eroded. Reinforcement work will be put in to strengthen the bridge.

5. Handicraft marketing

The orang asli is gifted in making handicraft such as accessories with natural resources primarily ratan.

6. Medical Aid

We will be bringing a medical team in to provide for medical aid. A temporary clinic will be set up, doctors will be receiving patients and distributing medicines.

7. Food Support

Collaboration with Rice Against Hunger to give out food aid.

8. Others misc.

More details will be updated in due course.

Part C: Logistics & Briefing

Meet up point & time:

25 January 2024, Thursday, 10am at R&R Perah.

The kampung is accessible by normal car, it has good tarmac road up until 3km before the kampung, and minor off-road into the kampung (which is still accessible by normal car, a myvi would do the trick).


We will set up a central kitchen to cook for all the volunteers. Your ticket fee is for the meals during the camp.


Volunteers will be camping and staying overnight in the kampung during the project. Please see Part D for equipment to bring.


We will hold a briefing to explain all details to volunteers:

Location: Explorer Outfitter @ Publika

Date & Time: 14 January 2024, Sunday, 3pm.

Part D: Volunteers need to bring

Camp bed or tent
Sleeping bag
Mosquito net
Headlamp or flashlight
Sunscreen and insect repellent
Hat and sunglasses
Rain gear
Sturdy shoes or boots
Water bottle and snacks

Part E: For New Volunteer only

1. Please separately fill up this google form: https://docs.google.com/forms/d/e/1FAIpQLSduQ2FjSGRvk179QmlcWkD2YpCGXJFQhhEyrXtTaP7yC0LqrA/viewform

2. Prior to the mission date /During mission briefing, we will collect an additional RM100 from new volunteers and volunteers will receive:

- THREE 4x4 Relief Tshirts (which you will wear during the mission) and

- ONE 4x4 Relief hat.

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Mission Impact

No impact specified.

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Reviews from mission participants (1)

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  • I enjoyed every single moment of the 4D3N mission work connecting/helping not just with the OA of Kg Sudak but also but also the interaction I had with the Golden Heart volunteers.

    It was raining which in turn caused a very muddy situation but it did not dampen the spirit of the volunteers to get the work done. Every person I met and spoke with radiated kindness and generosity which is truly a humbling experience for me.

    I’m already looking forward to the next mission!

    On mission 'KOA Sudak Mission 2'  ·  January 2024

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When & Where

KOA Sudak
GPS Coordinates: 5.5580627, 101.4146155

25 Jan 2024 12:00 am (Thursday)
28 Jan 2024 11:55 pm (Sunday)

Mission Hours
48 hours

Ticket Price
RM 80 - RM 100

Organized by

4x4 Relief Malaysia

Joined on 13 Aug 2020


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