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Mission Description

The purpose of this project is to understand what is poverty and to identify those who are in the classification of poverty. Our project is aimed upon the B40 group with income below minimum household wage in this country. We would like to encourage those that are stricken by poverty to be much more active in the community. As the school holidays are coming to an end, we would like to educate the kids that are in the B40 group in terms of their literacy skills and also providing them essential stationeries that is needed for school. This would help give them a boost in their school life experience. We contacted Ms. Assunta Mary to find out about the families in PPR flats near Bandar Sunway.
The first activity that is planned upon this project would be, we will be visiting the settlement of the B40 groups and surveying the families. We would also engage with them and break the ice. After that we plan to sit down and talk with families regarding what they lack in their daily needs such as food supplies. Then we plan to play educational games with the kids in the families. As school season is starting soon, we would like to provide them basic tutoring in Language Subjects such as English, Bahasa Malaysia and Tamil. This would prepare the kids ahead before school starts. Furthermore, we are going to ask the kids to write small notes containing positive messages, which we plan to collect and sell them together with chocolates around Sunway University.
In our second activity, we are going to use the money that we collected to get stationaries, and food that they stated earlier. We are going to distribute the food according to the number of family members in a family. This food will last them for a month. We also plan to have a clothes donation for the families there. Moreover, all the kids in the families will receive stationeries for their school use or home use. And we will conduct one more round of tutoring and educational games.

On the colaboration with Soroptimist International Bangsar (SIC) we plan to train and set up a transportation business platform via Facebook for one of the B40 member.

In order to reach out to a larger audience, we will utilize our social media platforms. We will utilize the social media platforms such as Facebook and Instagram with the aim to increase awareness of this B40 group and what we as a community can do in order to help them provide their basic necessities.

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Mission Impact

This mission is created to understand poverty and of those in need. It is to be more aware that there are numerous amount of people who are strucked by poverty and this mission helps to understand what B40 community in a much better perspective. Nextly, to encourage poverty stricken individuals to be active members of the community. By just providing a little time and a good set of influence by professional speakers from outside those who are struck by poverty could boost their motivation into becoming much more active members of the community. Moreover, the impact of this project is to help provide basic essentials for the kids in the B40 community by educating the kids of B40 with literacy skills and provide them with education tools for their school use or home use.

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When & Where

Taman Putra Damai
No 723 Blok G , Taman Putra Damai
Kelana Jaya
Petaling Jaya
47301, Selangor
GPS Coordinates: 3.1155000, 101.5859000

03 Jan 2020 10:00 am (Friday)
11 Jan 2020 12:30 pm (Saturday)

Mission Hours
6 hours

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