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Mission Description

Gamuda - EPIC Homes Serendah Build Project

Welcome to Gamuda - EPIC Homes Build Project! Please note that this event is only open to Gamuda employees who are taking part in this privately organised build. Kindly refer below for some details that we hope would be helpful to you!

Title: Gamuda - EPIC Homes Serendah Build Project

Date: 11th March - 13th March 2016

Location: Kampung Orang Asli, Serendah


We will be providing a light breakfast in the morning but please be sure to have a bite beforehand as our next meal would only be around lunch time. The rest of our meals will be available at our resort area.

Structure of Event:

The entire Event will take place within the duration of three days, and you are required to stay with the EPIC Homes Team in the determined location for all three days. We will not be returning to Kuala Lumpur until the event has been completed, or unless an emergency arises.

Ground Rules

During the Event everyone must abide by the same Ground Rules to ensure the quality and outcome of the Event is not compromised.

• Always inform your Team Leader if you need to leave the premises. Be responsible for your own safety by letting others know where you are.

• Please respect each other and the community: please do not smoke or drink alcoholic beverages on the Build Site, be courteous and be respectful of the beliefs and religious practices of yourself and others.

• Non-prescribed drugs are strictly prohibited from the entire duration of the Event.

• Please be courteous when engaging with the Orang Asli.

• Please be on time: we’re on a tight schedule, and every minute counts.

Team Roles

You will be split into different Teams with specific tasks. If you feel you that are unable or unsuited for the task given to you, please talk to your Team Leader. Do not switch Team or leave your task without informing your Team Leader. Each task is crucial to the completion of the house, and you are very important!

Safety Protocol

You will not be allowed to work on the Site if you do not follow the Safety Protocol! Please read this very carefully!

• Always wear your helmet within the designated zones.

• Always wear gloves when handling material.

• Always wear masks and safety glasses when using heavy tools such as the Dropsaw, circular saw or angle grinder.

• Follow the safety instructions of painting – this will be shared on site.

• Always wear safety boots/thick shoes on site. Slippers and sandals are not allowed.

• When it rains, Stop work immediately and seek proper shelter. Do not step into water puddles.

• Be aware of your surroundings: ensure tools are safely packed and power switches are turned off when not in use.

• Make an announcement to all participants when you are going to turn a power source on or off.

• If you are ever unsure of anything, ask questions.

• Stay hydrated – when you are asked to drink water, DRINK IT!

Engaging with the Orang Asli

We hope that throughout the build, you will develop a deeper understanding of the how the Orang Asli live and that you try to put yourself in their shoes. In all that we’re doing for this trip, we are building a closer relationship with the Orang Asli and also preparing for future builds – do talk to the family, if possible, have a great conversation and leave a positive lasting impression! They are usually very shy, especially the women, and they may be a little hesitant to approach you in such a big group. Be friendly, strike up a conversation and have a great time!

See you soon, EPIC Team

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When & Where

Kampung Orang Asli, Serendah
48200, Selangor
GPS Coordinates: 3.3610590, 101.5986240

11 Mar 2016 09:00 am (Friday)
13 Mar 2016 09:00 pm (Sunday)

Mission Hours
60 hours

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