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Mission Description

Please register as a "REHDA Youth Builder"

"An adventurous life does not necessarily mean climbing mountains, swimming with sharks or jumping off cliffs. It means risking yourself by leaving little pieces of you behind in all those you meet along the way"

Firstly, we’d like to welcome you to the team; by registering for this build you are now part of a larger community, part of a team dedicated to the Village Kg. Hulu Tamu in Batang Kali.

Welcome to the REHDA Youth Build! Please note that this event is only open for REHDA Youth who are taking part in this privately organised build. Kindly refer below for some details that we hope would be helpful to you! More details will be added in the weeks to come.

Note: Once registered you should receive a confirmation email. Do let us know at [email protected] if you do not receive this confirmation.

Title: The REHDA Youth Build Date: October 30 - Nov 1 (Friday to Sunday) Location: Kampung Hulu Tamu, Batang Kali, Selangor

Structure of Event: We will be building a home with the help of the previous recipients of homes under the Pay-It-Forward program from the local community. Upon arrival at site, you’ll be assigned to your team and the area of the home you’ll be building, such as the roof, floor, walls etc. The work will be physical and it will be hot so please be aware of your fitness level when joining. We’ll provide water, snacks, shade with security on site. You’re encouraged to take breaks as and when needed!

We hope that throughout the build, you will develop a deeper understanding and appreciation for the residents of Kg. Hulu Tamu. In all that we’re doing for this trip, we are building a closer relationship with this community, so do have great conversations and leave a positive impression! They are usually very shy, especially the women, and they may be a little hesitant to approach you in such a big group. Be friendly, strike up a conversation and have a great time!

See you soon, EPIC Team!

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When & Where

Kampung Hulu Tamu, Batang Kali
GPS Coordinates: 3.3750000, 101.6310000

30 Oct 2015 09:00 am (Friday)
01 Nov 2015 09:00 pm (Sunday)

Mission Hours
60 hours

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