Meraki Tiny House - Week 1 - Missions - Sedunia
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This mission has ended on Sun, Sep 17 5:30 pm.

Mission Description

To build a tiny, affordable and sustainable house

What you are getting yourself into
The Meraki house is essentially a tiny house built for 2 people. It is the starting point of a project to turn the 1-acre property into a sustainable homestead - with off-grid capabilities, edible gardens, fruit orchard and possibly farm animals. 

The build will take place throughout the month of September 2017. Since most responsible, productive adults like you will be working during the weekday, the weekends are the most likely slots to join.

There will be two missions on two different weekends in which you will be able to join:

Weekend 1: 16-17 Sept (2 day weekend)
[Mission Link Here]

Weekend 2: 22-24 Sept (3 day weekend)
[Mission Link Here]

If you happen to be free and want to join in on the weekdays, you’re more than welcome, but kindly let me know in advance so we know to expect you.

Rules of the Game
To keep things going smoothly, I'd like to request that you at the very least commit to coming for the entire weekend and to adhere to the stipulated start and end times. Because the build site is on a hill that is accessible only by four-wheel drives, it will be less disruptive if we can all agree to come at the same time and leave at the same time. 

Estimated start time: 7.30 - 8.00 am
Estimated end time: 5.00 - 5.30 pm

Logistical Matters

Breakfast and lunch will be provided on site. To cut down on waste, and because I detest disposable things, please bring your own plate, utensils and cup!

Transportation will be at your own arrangement and cost. Carpooling is highly recommended, and can be arranged. 

RM 9.50 (if you exit at Tanjung Malim)
RM 11.00 (if you exit at Behrang)

Am assuming that most of you would want to do day trips, but there is an option to do homestay if enough of us want to do it! (Priority will be given to core members)

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Mission Impact

1. Encourage a different mindset in acquiring a home, i.e. to build it yourself instead of getting into debt buying from others

2. Demonstrate that you can live with low to moderate impact on the environment in an affordable way

3. Build a thriving homestead that can produce healthy food for the community

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When & Where

GPS Coordinates: 1.1111111, 111.1111110

16 Sep 2017 07:30 am (Saturday)
17 Sep 2017 05:30 pm (Sunday)

Mission Hours
34 hours

Ticket Price

Organized by

Atiqah Zailani

Joined on 22 Aug 2017


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