KOA Sudak mission 3 - Missions - Sedunia
A completion report will be ready once the mission organizer makes it available.
This mission has ended on Sun, Mar 03 12:00 pm.

Mission Description

Let's bring happiness and aid to KOA Sudak

About Kampung Orang Asli Sudak

KOA Sudak is situated in Royal Belum State Park, Perak. It is a home to 30-40 orang asli families from the Jahai tribe.

Mission 1: Rumah Baca

During the last mission, we have built the structure of a Rumah Baca. In this mission, we aim to complete building the roof, wall, floor, electrical system, and water system. Thereafter, we will be completing the building with interior furnishing and furnitures for the classroom, library, canteen and pantry.

Mission 2: Toilet

During the last mission, we have built another 2 toilet. In this mission, we aim to complete the concrete floor, lighting, and water system.

Mission 3: Aid for Kampung Kerap

Kampung Kerap is located about 20 minutes boat ride from Kampung Sudak. This kampung is home to 11 families. The villagers do not have access to clean water as they are drinking water from the lake/river. The villagers rely on small kebun for food such as ubi and pucuk ubi, and also fishing.

This mission, we aim to:

1. provide Efinity water filter to each family so that they can have access to clean water;

2. deliver food aid to all families; and

3. build quail coop for the families to increase food security

Mission 4: Medical aid

We target to provide medical aid to five kampungs; KOA Sudak, KOA Damai, KOA Permai, KOA Air Banun, KOA Kerap.

Mission 5: Food aid

We aim to prepare 150 sets of food to be distributed to 5 kampungs: KOA Sudak, KOA Damai, KOA Permai, KOA Air Banun, KOA Kerap.

Logistics & Meet up point

Meet up point & time

Meet up time: 1 March 2024, Friday, 10am

Meet up point: R&R Perah

We will meet up in R&R Perah and form a convoy rolling to the kampung.

The kampung is accessible by normal car, it has good tarmac road up until 3km before the kampung, and minor off-road into the kampung (which is still accessible by normal car, a myvi would do the trick).


We will set up a central kitchen to cook for all the volunteers. Your ticket fee is for the meals during the camp.

However, please bring your own drinking water!


Volunteers will be camping and staying overnight in the kampung during the project.

Bring your own equipment:

Camp bed or tent
Sleeping bag
Mosquito net
Headlamp or flashlight
Sunscreen and insect repellent
Hat and sunglasses
Rain gear
Sturdy shoes or boots
Water bottle and snacks

Fill up info for submission to JAKOA: https://forms.gle/8aUxzRtueNRmJW7k8

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Mission Impact

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SDGs Addressed

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When & Where

Royal Belum
GPS Coordinates: 5.5580627, 101.4146155

01 Mar 2024 10:00 am (Friday)
03 Mar 2024 12:00 pm (Sunday)

Mission Hours
24 hours

Ticket Price
RM 80

Organized by

4x4 Relief Malaysia

Joined on 13 Aug 2020


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