Ecobrick Challenge emphasises waste management with environmental sustainability - Missions - Sedunia
A completion report will be ready once the mission organizer makes it available.
This mission has ended on Sat, Feb 04 4:00 pm.

Mission Description

To emphasis importance of waste management to the community

Syarat Pertandingan

  1. Penyertaan terbuka kepada komuniti penduduk di Seksyen 1,2,5-19,52 Petaling Jaya
  2. Hendaklah membuat pendaftaran melalui online
  3. Terhad kepada 20 orang peserta yang pertama sahaja
  4. Penerangan mengenai Ecobrick akan diberikan pada hari pertandingan
  5. Pertandingan akan bermula dari jam 9.00 pagi hingga 1.00 petang.
  6. Pemenang akan ditentukan dari jumlah ecobrick yang berjaya disiapkan dan kualiti ecobrick yang disiapkan (berat ecobrick 450g-500g)

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Mission Impact

An ecobrick is a plastic bottle that is packed with non-recyclable plastics to a set density, which are single-use plastics such as plastic bags, food packs and medicine packs. So why make ecobricks? An ecobrick is a cheap and easy waste management solution as it does not require the expertise and high cost to produce the right ecobrick.

SDGs Addressed


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When & Where

Dewan Serbaguna Gasing Indah
GPS Coordinates: 3.0908194, 101.6508961

04 Feb 2023 10:00 am (Saturday)
04 Feb 2023 04:00 pm (Saturday)

Mission Hours
6 hours

Ticket Price

Organized by

Mohd Faizal Ayob

Joined on 30 Aug 2021


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