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This mission has ended on Thu, May 31 12:00 am.

Mission Description

Making sense of elections, one candidate at a time.

Why did we embark on this Project?
The Project is borne out of our personal experiences where we do not know who are our election candidates in our area (other than just his/her name) as well as the general avoidance of politics among our friends, to the point some are not bothered to register as voters, and also not voting even after being registered for voting. 

Personally, I think if this culture goes on, the government will only be chosen by the few. So we decided to try starting some engagement, starting with finding out who are our election candidates. 

This project would only be concerned of putting the candidates in a more visible spot. We believe this is beneficial to all Malaysians and political parties, and this requires us to be truly neutral.

How does the Project work?
Basically it works in this flow:
1. Key in postcode.
2. Election candidates will appear (past and present).
3. Click into the candidate for the profile (focused on Qualification, Experience and Contribution).
4. Contact and ceramah details are shown for user to engage with them.

We also intend to transform this into a platform for all youths to belong. We would engage with the youth via videos, interviews and other appropriate means.

Call for volunteers
This Project had been running for over a month by a few people. Unfortunately, time is running short!
We need sincere help in all of these areas:
1. Website Development (Ideal for web developers, back end and front end)
2. Candidate Profilers (Suitable for everyone. We need to import profiles from Wikipedia)
3. Media (Ideal for those passionate in making videos and photographic content)
4. Human Engagement (Ideal for those who like to talk to people and gather interesting stories to tell)
5. Management (Ideal for those who are administratively inclined, as we need to work together as a team and cover each other)

Volunteers can contribute from home/mobile.

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Mission Impact

We hope to make the elections more human.

SDGs Addressed


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When & Where

Eve Suite
Jalan PJU 1A/41
Petaling Jaya
47301, Selangor
GPS Coordinates: 3.1130058, 101.5746952

09 Apr 2018 12:00 am (Monday)
31 May 2018 12:00 am (Thursday)

Mission Hours
1248 hours

Ticket Price

Organized by

Jay Shen

Joined on 04 Apr 2018