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This mission has ended on Wed, Feb 07 5:00 pm.

Mission Description

We are providing the community with a reliable source of water

Build for Tomorrow,  in collaboration with Allianz Malaysia, aims to provide the community with a reliable source of water for drinking purposes and general domestic use.

The water supply will rely on a hybrid system consisting of a) an upgraded well and a b) a rainwater harvesting system (to be built as a second stage of the project).

We will use the latest technology in off the grid water pumps, which will be entirely powered with solar energy, eliminating thus any current expenses and pollution (from purchasing plastic bottles or powering a generators).

We will setup 2 main storage tanks at the highest point in the village, and 3 distribution tanks. This configuration will allow us to reach every house in the village without requiring additional pumps.

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Mission Impact

- The water supply system will provide 23 households with a reliable source of water impacting 83 people

- The system will eliminate waste and pollution currently generated from purchasing plastic bottles that are later burned daily and the use of generators to power a pump (that supplies only 4 households currently

- The system is powered with solar energy and will therefore generate no operational costs to the beneficiaries

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When & Where

Kampung Orang Asli Air Kuning
GPS Coordinates: 3.0956000, 101.4976300

07 Feb 2018 08:00 am (Wednesday)
07 Feb 2018 05:00 pm (Wednesday)

Mission Hours
9 hours

Ticket Price

Organized by

Build for Tomorrow

Joined on 31 Jan 2018