Borneo Wildlife Safari - Missions - Sedunia
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Mission Description

Responsible volunteering in habitat restoration at the Lower Kinabatangan River

Join us on an experience that will bring eager and passionate volunteers to the jungles of Sabah, where we will focus on tree planting and planting site maintenance as part of the habitat restoration experience. Other highlights and activities this project offers are;

• Wildlife observation on a boat cruise on the Kinabatangan River and learning about the flora and fauna of Borneo;
• Community Development – interaction with students of local schools in an education project focusing on conservation OR working with the community;
• Living in the village of the local Orang Sungai – “People of the River” – and participate in community projects such as making and eating meals with them;

Remember that this takes place in the forests, so come prepared with insect repellent, appropriate clothing and A LOT of water to stay hydrated.

*Note: Activities are subjected to change based on factors like weather conditions, school calendar, community and project requirements. As such be prepared for any changes and listen to the project coordinator.

Price: MYR 5460 per person. *Volunteers share a room together, so for those wanting a little more privacy a supplementary MYR 690 is required. 

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Mission Impact

By involving the public in our conservation projects, we hope to instill important lessons on the human impacts on the ecosystem and how organisations can reduce theses impacts. During the Borneo Wildlife Safari projects, volunteers can expect to;

• Raise awareness on responsible living, travelling and volunteering among tourists, local community and students
• Understand the threats to habitat and wildlife and make a personal impact in conservation;
• Developing knowledge and passion for conservation on local children, the future custodians of the Bornean forest
• A first-hand look at the human impacts on the forests of Borneo

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When & Where

90000, Sabah
GPS Coordinates: 5.5283590, 118.2980210

21 Aug 2021 06:00 pm (Saturday)
01 Sep 2021 11:00 am (Wednesday)

Mission Hours
200 hours

Ticket Price
RM 5200 - RM 5460

Organized by

APE Malaysia

Joined on 29 Jan 2019