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Mission Description

Anti-Bullying Campaign

1. Firstly, we will make a board full of negative posts as examples of cyber-bullying, all with hundreds of likes and comments. Put that board near the front door where the kids will enter the room from for the event. Bring focus of the children to the board and emphasize the feelings of people being bullied. Increase their empathy towards victims by making them imagine that each of those comments are made by their friends in that room. Emphasize that all types of bullying, like cyber-bullying, have negative effects on the victims. Highlight that there are many forms of bullying and that people should watch what they say and do to their friends.
2. Secondly, we will provide recent cases where bullying escalated too much, like a person had to switch school to avoid the bullies and remake her social life (example). Provide students to comment on the person’s situation, how they would handle the situation or some positive they would like to give to the person. Also allow them some personal encouraging message to share through sticky notes on the message.
3. Thirdly, we will make a play where we pretend to be bullies and victim, throwing verbal abuses at the victim(example). Let the children decide what to do when in victim’s situation. Play some of the scenario given by the kids and its probable conclusion. Provide personal opinions on how to deal with the problem. Allow teachers to jump in if possible.
4. Finally, we will end the program with a magic show. After the magic show, provide a scenario if the magician was bullied for being different and weird, and asked the kids how the magician would feel. Encourage them to think about avoiding judging somebody because they are different, and make them imagine what those people would do if they were bullied, and the possible loss of something fun or important when bullying them (i.e. making fun of smart people, those who like reading, disabled people).

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Mission Impact

Habits and personalities tend to start at an early age. To build a good moral and character to someone, it needs to start at an early age. Bullying may also leave a negative impact on the victim, and they need some support to get by in life. This project’s aim is to teach kids that bullying is wrong and the consequences of bullying to the victim and bullies.

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When & Where

SK Subang Jaya
Jalan SS 14/6
subang jaya
47500, Selangor
GPS Coordinates: 3.0458970, 101.6506580

04 Oct 2019 10:30 am (Friday)
04 Oct 2019 11:30 am (Friday)

Mission Hours
1 hours

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Jen Yee

Joined on 01 Oct 2019