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Reimagining the Future of Making

ME.REKA by Biji-biji

What will you make?


Bring a world of wellness into being


All About Meow


Mental Illness Awareness And Support Association


#migration #aworldwithoutborders #survey #investigation #socialsupport

Mini Hero Charity

Helping Charity Homes to sustain themselves. Donate Transparently In A Click.

Mitra Enrichment Organization

Bringing Children's Right's To Them

Moms Village Venture

Empowering Women in a Digital Village Anyone, Anytime, Anywhere.

Monsters Among Us

Youths Paving The Way To Safer Childhoods

Movement Celebration Order x The Hope Branch

Movement Celebration Order- a fundraiser event

MSRI Refugee Support Centre

Sowing seeds of resilience

My Pets Haven

Group of student trying to help a pet adoption center

My Soul Stitching

A Self-Compassionate Yarn Crafts Movement


Malaysian Conservation Alliance for Tigers (MYCAT)


Gamifying Malaysian Politics