EPIC Homes Module

Get the in depth knowledge of the mission of EPIC Homes and how we make it happen
Construction & Building

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The EPIC Homes Module is a requirement for any of the Core team (Experience, Coordinator, Specialist or Master Builder) to understand. Learn what is the core mission and vision of EPIC Homes and our priorities during our builds to be able to represent EPIC. Get to understand the process from when families and villages are selected in our priority list, leading up to building the home. Understand the whole Builder pathway and how to move up.

Knowledge: Understand the process and vision behind an EPIC Home
Value: Be able to represent EPIC Homes as a front desk for volunteers to enquire to.
Skill: Connect the vision and mission of EPIC Homes to how you interact with other volunteers.


Groups that are authorized to award this badge. Contact [email protected] if you are interested in awarding this badge.