Design Thinking Participant

This badge is rewarded to volunteers who volunteered their time to try to resolve current challenges faced by NGOs during the Covid-19 pandemic crisis.
Creative Arts & Design

20 awarded


The volunteers signed up to work on these 2 specific challenges:

  • Challenge A: Redesign the connection experience for beneficiaries
  • Challenge B: Redesign volunteer training and development in order to create champion volunteers

Throughout the 6 weeks of these workshop series, the participants with their teams : 

  • began by finding people to speak to learn their stories.
  • focused on one story with a problem statement to try and solve
  • came up with ideas that would address the users problem and aim to solve it
  • created a low resolution prototype to solve problem
  • had their prototype ready for testing& tested out their prototype with 3 users and gather feedback from them
  • After the testing, they synthesised the feedback, and using that, started to put together a presentation of their prototype
  • finalised their prototype into a final concept poster, created a short presentation and presented their prototypes to the whole group!


Groups that are authorized to award this badge. Contact [email protected] if you are interested in awarding this badge.