Community Engagement

Challenge yourself to open up, share and discover new experiences outside your own through Community Engagement.
Leadership and Soft Skills

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Understand the purpose of CCE as an experiential learning process for cultivating social & personal development not just for us, but also for the community involved. Learn the5 CoRe Principles of CCE.
And recognise our own limited perspectives, challenge ourselves to open up and seek discovery through shared experiences in cultures outside our own.

1. cultivate a conducive mindset for responsible participation in civic engagements that involve providing service to individuals and/or partnerships with communities,
2. build skills in engaging with people and communities effectively and respectfully,
3. practice steps to effectively learn from the people, and the community.

Knowledge: How to equip ourselves to serve

Value: Credible Caring & Cultural humility

Skill: Respectfully engage and work with communities effectively and with integrity.


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