Advanced Builder Methods

Understand how to read and what to do to deliver an excellent building project
Construction & Building

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In Advance Builder Methods, we will explore a variety of build projects. Before dissecting the build methods, initial step is to know how to visualise the design & reading drawings and able to communicate with sketches. Easy to understand build methods (rule of thumb) to plan for build and to mitigate risks. Understand components that are critical to erect a structure that is stable and able to hold other components live loads. Finally, knowing what is involved in finishing works and finishes quality to deliver an excellent completed project

Knowledge : Exposure to variety of projects, easy to use build methods framework, understanding components in structures, finishing & finishes
Value: Increase your imagination, being careful and detail, compose and efficiency in practice
Skills: Read and communicate with drawings, planning build project before doing, stabilising structure, applying finishing and finishes


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