Advanced Builder

A team leader for building projects
Construction & Building

8 awarded


The holder of this badge has the skills to be technically competent in basic construction, including selection and use of the appropriate tools and materials for a project. They are also knowledgeable of basic building methods and project management. They have the knowledge to lead a small group of people by creating a safe, fun and purposeful learning experience. And practices the values of continuous learning, unconditional love, and a heart to serve others.

Construction Knowledge:

  • Basic woodworking, using concrete, bricklaying, plastic piping.
  • Proper technique and maintenance of drilling, sawing tools and basic electrical wiring, including generator use.
  • Team and project management in construction

Leadership Abilities:

  • Understanding who you are and what motivates you to become a more self aware individual
  • Redefining your view on leadership and how to appreciate and work with different types of people.
  • Being able to navigate conflict confidently
  • Understanding the process of growth.


Groups that are authorized to award this badge. Contact [email protected] if you are interested in awarding this badge.