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Taylor's Community

Your CSR Partner

Taylor's Community

Turn charity into sustainability

Taylor's University Student Council

Trust. Unity. Service. Change.

Teach for Malaysia Alumni Network

Fighting education inequality one day at a time.

Team Selangor

Gerakan relevan anak Selangor yang bertindak menzahirkan perubahan positif

The Asli Co.

Empowering Orang Asli women

The Champions

The Only Way Forward is Together

The Code Blues Concert

Our voices in Unison, For the Heroes of Our Nation

The Greenlist - POWIIS

A mission for sustainable waste management in the school and local community.

The Kalsom Movement

Inspiring Talents, Endeavouring Excellence

The Other School

Education for you, education for them

The Picha Project

Rebuilding lives of refugees in Malaysia with a sustainable food business

The Propositions

We're just trying to help.

The Salvation Army

Because you care, we can be there

The Victress Support

A Friend to the Homeless, Forgotten, and Neglected