PTF 2nd Chance Program Mentor

A mentor for tutoring HIV-infected or affected children to succeed
Leadership and Soft Skills

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About 2nd Chance Program

PTF 2nd Chance program provides psychosocial support, HIV peer-support, financial assistance, and tuition to HIV affected and infected mothers and children. 2nd Chance Program adopts a holistic approach to address multiple challenges faced by this community so that they get a SECOND CHANCE to break out of their predicaments and start living life with a new vigour and believe in themselves again.

The holder of this badge is interviewed by PTF 2nd Chance Program Coordinator, aligned values and is ready to commit at least six weekends to help the children of infected or affected families with academic guidance and to be mentally present throughout the sessions.

Transferable skills : 
  • Coaching children
  • Teaching and reading with children
  • Community engagement and empowerment
  • Problem solving and adaptability
  • Family and community-focused

Throughout the program, the badge earner will be exposed to different knowledge and information about HIV and how to generate a safe and inclusive space for this community.


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