Electrical Wiring Course

A basic electrical wirer for building projects
Construction & Building

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In the Electrical Wiring Course, we go back to basics of wiring. Like our ancestors before us you must understand the basic rules of electricity before we harness its awesome power through switches, sockets and lights. Equip yourself with the knowledge to become a light bringer.

Knowledge :

Understand simple wiring diagrams

Analyse and synthesise wiring diagrams to be translated into practice when you wire a home.
Skills: Learn how to wire up an EPIC Home by practicing the wiring of a simple setup of two lights, two sockets, two switches, connected to a DB box

    Install conduits

    Cut and pull wiring

    Bending PVC pipe

Value: Take this first step to equip yourself and be able to join a wiring mission with our impact partner EPIC Homes.


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