Beach Clean-UP at Teluk Kemang PD (Sunway Students only)

Mission Completion Report

21 Sep 2019 - 21 Sep 2019

by Sum Yik Yap


A Brief Introduction

This mission is act as agent to invite Sunway Students to participate the Beach Clean-Up at Teluk Kemang, Port Dickson.

The main organizer of the event is Ocean Conservancy.

Mission Details

  • Duration of the Mission 1 day
  • Active Mission Hours 3 hours
  • Number of Participants 8
  • Total Mission Cost RM 105.00
  • Location Teluk Kemang, Port Dickson
  • Sustainable Development Goals Addressed

Sustainable Development Goals Addressed

In the Field

Mission Outputs

  • Number of trash collected over 2000 with majority of cigarette butts and plastic waste
  • Number of hours used in the event 3 hours only
  • Number of trash collected over 2000 (with majority of cigarette butts and plastic waste)

What has been accomplished

It was intended to raise awareness on the impact of how the action wrongly treatment towards plastic disposal will impact our environment, especially marine. During the clean-up, we will collect data on trash collected and able to view the report on what types of trash has mainly polluted our beach. 

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Final Words

Firstly, it was very appreciated that many people had significant concern and active on solving the environmental pollutions on our Malaysia's beaches which include people other than Sunway Students itself. 

Through the data we have collected, it was shown that cigarettes butts was the major trash polluting Teluk Kemang environment other than plastic waste. There also consist of sharp objects such as satay sticks seen on the beach which could jeopardize the safe of visitor of the beach.