HIV & Stigma: A Positive Way of Living

Mission Completion Report

13 Jun 2019 - 13 Jun 2019



A Brief Introduction

Informative talk on HIV and related stigma

Mission Details

  • Duration of the Mission 0 days
  • Active Mission Hours 3 hours
  • Number of Participants 37
  • Total Mission Cost RM 0.00
  • Location The Compass by Epic
  • Sustainable Development Goals Addressed

Sustainable Development Goals Addressed

In the Field

Mission Outputs

  • Achievement 1 - To get volunteers to understand the daily lives of people who are living positively with HIV Guest speakers and the panelists who came were open about sharing their struggles and thoughts after they were diagnosed with HIV.
  • Achievement 2 - To get volunteers to understand how important it is to get tested The main speaker (Dr. Ruby) made sure to get the volunteers to understand the importance of getting tested by showing facts and statistics on people who are infected or effected with HIV.
  • Achievement 3 - To get the volunteers to understand the importance of decreasing stigma among our community Volunteers were given a session with the panelists on their struggles with stigma among our community in hopes for the volunteers to understand how important it is for people to decrease and to end the stigma.

What has been accomplished

Raising awareness about HIV and related stigma. 
Mission Reviews
2 reviews

  • Informative, Fun and educational. Was a humbling experience to meet people from all walks of life fighting to end the stigma against HIV and AIDS.

  • Overall great impact in getting the intended message across! Would certainly recommend people, especially Malaysians of all ages to attend programmes like this. Learned so much more about the lives of Positive Living (PL) people among the everyday society. Especially when the story comes personally from them.

Final Words

We are thankful for the volunteers who came to support our talk by coming and staying until the end of the session. Our hopes for for our volunteers after this talk is to decrease the stigma that we have towards those living with HIV among the people around us. And also to understand that people who are positively living with HIV can also live a normal life like the rest of us.