Mission Completion Report

31 Mar 2019 - 31 Mar 2019

by Trash Hero Malaysia

HOSTED BY Trash Hero Malaysia

A Brief Introduction

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Mission Details

  • Duration of the Mission 0 days
  • Active Mission Hours 3 hours
  • Number of Participants 150
  • Total Mission Cost RM 0.00
  • Location Klang River MidValley
  • Sustainable Development Goals Addressed

Sustainable Development Goals Addressed

In the Field

Mission Outputs

  • Volunteers participate 98 Volunteers ( 93 Adults 5 Kids)
  • Total Trashed Collected 554.6 kg
  • Trashed can be Recycle 41.6 kg
  • Reduction of Waste to Landfills 7.5%

What has been accomplished

We want to raise awareness on the impact of waste, littering and create a mindset change, especially regarding single-use plastic, on the environment and to our river. During the clean-up, you will learn about Sustainable Cleanup Practices, waste audit and waste processing to minimize waste going back to landfills.

Mission Reviews
3 reviews

  • It will anyone participating in this activity a first-hand lesson on how to reduce waste and recycle and most importantly to reuse materials. It will make you realize the amount of damage we do by simply being so careless about our waste.

  • This is a great event for us to learn about the trashes and what will impact to the environment. We need to reduce our own waste, buy products that is recyclable or reusable or without packaging in plastic. The major of the trashes we collected were plastic which won't be degradable in the nature. These plastic will be harmful as it turn to microplastics when it exposed by UV and it goes to the marine life and it will back to our food one day. We should dispose garbage properly, your garbage your responsibility.

  • Wonderful

Final Words

Volunteer and Stand A Change to Win Shazam! Preview Ticket