2nd Chance Sunday Tutorials

Mission Completion Report

19 Jul 2020 - 19 Jul 2020



A Brief Introduction

The 2nd Chance program provides psychosocial support, HIV peer-support, financial assistance, and tuition to HIV affected and infected mothers and children. Sunday Tutorials is one of the in-house activity conducted every Sunday in PT Foundation's Head Office. Every Sunday Tutorials will start with registration, academic session and followed by break and psychosocial activities. Sunday Tutorials is run by 2nd Chance Program Manager, Counselor and also interns. 2nd Chance Program's volunteers are our biggest backbone as we need more manpower to cater the needs of teaching students who come from various backgrounds and academic level. Volunteer will stay throughout this session where they facilitate the students to engage themselves completely in the academic session and psychosocial activities. 

Mission Details

  • Duration of the Mission 1 day
  • Active Mission Hours 5 hours
  • Number of Participants 30
  • Total Mission Cost RM 0.00
  • Location PT Foundation - 2nd Chance Program
  • Sustainable Development Goals Addressed

Sustainable Development Goals Addressed

In the Field

Mission Outputs

  • Helping Mothers How to get help, How to send proper document, SOPs in school
  • Self Exploration for Children Children learn about their positive values
  • Academic session facilitate doing school homeworks, doing revision

What has been accomplished

Through Sunday Tutorial activities managed to:-

-provided comprehensive mentorship and guidance in academic, mental health and social skills to our children and mothers. 

-We create an enabling environment for our beneficiaries by reducing the fears and dispel myth on HIV  among our volunteers and interns.  

-We provide mothers guidance in financial and skills to improve their economy status.

 -We are strictly following the Covid-19 SOP to protect the team, volunteers and our beneficiaries. 

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Final Words

Sunday Tutorial is a platform for PT Foundation and our volunteers to be able to help to improve the children's education, building resilient, improve mental and emotional health and social skills.